Art Therapy Services for Children and Adults 

Psychotherapy and Trauma Service 

What is Art Therapy? 

Art Therapy  provides individuals of all ages an 

opportunity to use art as another way of

communicating their thoughts and emotions.  

Art is seen as another language and is helpful

for people who are unable to connect with their

emotions.  Art therapy can be used as an adjunct to

traditional talk therapy or as a primary intervention.  

Since art is a natural means of communication, and as

a result, it can sometimes bypass the defenses and

allow an individual time for deep self-exploration and

insight.  Art therapy treatment is based on strengths

and interests as well as weaknesses and concerns.

Treatment is conducted through art-making and verbal

expressions. Art Therapy is available for those who are

experiencing problems in daily living, with grief and loss,

trauma and anxiety from neglect, sexual or physical

abuse or a serious medical condition.  An assessment

session will take place in a casual office setting to

ascertain whether this approach would be helpful and